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  5. "I watched television then."

"I watched television then."

Translation:Ik keek toen televisie.

August 24, 2014


[deactivated user]

    Why is "Toen keek ik televisie" wrong?


    Is anything wrong with "Ik keek dan televisie"?


    We usually use 'dan' with a future verb and 'toen' with a past verb. "Ik keek dan televisie" sounds a bit odd to me.


    I had always thought of 'toen' being 'while' or 'when'. I don't think I've seen any other circumstances when 'toen' translates as 'then'. I'm not a native speaker, but "Ik keek toen televisie." looks strange to me.


    'Toen' can be used in 2 ways:

    • 'Toen' as an adverb refers to a moment or period in the past so can be best translated with 'then'.
    • 'Toen' as a (temporal) conjunction can be translated as 'while' or 'when'.


    • 'Toen zag ik een koe': then I saw a cow.
    • 'Toen viel de bal op de grond': then the ball fell on the ground.
    • 'Toen ik de koe zag, liep ik weg': when I saw the cow, I walked away.
    • 'Toen Beatrix koningin was, was iedereen blij': while Beatrix was queen, everybody was happy.


    very useful explanation. I was always struggling with toen and the word order in the sentence. Now I know it's a subclause only when toen is used as a conjunction. Thanks


    waarom niet: Ik keek toen naar de televisie?


    Is " ik heb toen televisie bekeken" right? Bedanks!


    As ZBku3ls4 pointed out, I am also wondering why “naar” isn’t included in this sentence, as in “Ik kijk naar televisie” or “Ik keek toen naar de televisie”.

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