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No email for 42 hours...

I have not received any email “Someone commented on…” for 42 hours. Very surprising, as I got 74 last Monday and I still receive those about revisions to the translations I have worked on. Would the Duolingo team please have a look at that? Many thanks in advance.

May 23, 2013



Did you see the comment Lenkvist made on one of your posts? Are you using Gmail? Wataya made a comment that google servers suddenly started to treat Duolingo e-mails as spam.

Maybe that's the problem?


Which is hard to see if you don't get notifications. You can thank Wataya if this solves the problem.


I was just thinking that. She might not even know about responses to this thread.


Wow just noticed I had 20 or so duolingo messages in my gmail spam folder. I thought everyone was just depressed and giving up :)


OMG! 142 Sleeping Beauties were nested in my Gmail SPAM box (« Indésirables »)…

Thank you so much Guys for your prompt rescue (+ special mention to Lenkvist who posted on my stream).

Now, I have a lot (more) on my plate.


I never thought I'd see Sitesurf use "OMG!". Or OMD if you prefer. ;-) Glad the mystery was solved!


We're looking into this!


Same problem for me. I created a filter, to make sure that Duolingo e-mails never end in the Spam folder again.


Maybe Duolingo should make it so that instead of sending emails, you could have a stream or a button for all you Duolingo things, like when somebody comments to a discussion you're in or when somebody starts to follow you ;-)


Should work now. Please let me know if you're still experiencing issues. Thanks!


Hi Sitesurf! I had the same problem and found that Gmail began to send Duolingo's notification to spam. Check your spam folder.

I send a report to Duolingo support yesterday first about notifications not working and then about Gmail marking them as spam. Hope they'll look into this.


Huh. Strangely, I have NOT had this problem at all. Not a single notification has gone to spam. Odd.

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