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"Hij wilde mijn naam niet eens weten."

Translation:He did not even want to know my name.

August 24, 2014



How does 'eens' become 'even'? Is this just an idiom, or is this a more common thing than that?


The combination 'niet eens' means 'not even' in this sense (when the speaker wants to express something like amazement or disappointment that something didn't happen).

  • Hij belde me niet eens: he did not even call me.
  • Hij gaf jou niet eens een wortel: he did not even give you a carrot.
  • Hij keek me niet eens aan: he did not even look at me.


There are two other postins for the position of even in English which are deemed incorrect; he even didn't want to know my name and he didn't want to even know my name. what would be the Dutch for these two ???

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