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"Hij wilde mijn naam niet eens weten."

Translation:He did not even want to know my name.

August 24, 2014



There are two other postins for the position of even in English which are deemed incorrect; he even didn't want to know my name and he didn't want to even know my name. what would be the Dutch for these two ???


How does 'eens' become 'even'? Is this just an idiom, or is this a more common thing than that?


The combination 'niet eens' means 'not even' in this sense (when the speaker wants to express something like amazement or disappointment that something didn't happen).

  • Hij belde me niet eens: he did not even call me.
  • Hij gaf jou niet eens een wortel: he did not even give you a carrot.
  • Hij keek me niet eens aan: he did not even look at me.
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