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"Wir könnten in das Restaurant gehen."

Translation:We could go into the restaurant.

May 23, 2013



Does "Wir konnten in das Restaurant gehen." mean the same thing as "We could go to the restaurant." ?

I ask because in English, "We could go into the restaurant." is something you say when you're standing outside a restaurant, but "We could go to the restaurant." is something you say at home when deciding what to have for dinner - so the two things aren't usually equivalent.


"in" is your general "to" for places like this (ins Kino, ins Restaurant, etc.), so I would say there really isn't a distinction in German. You'd have to tell from the context.


I agree with EricMcK Go to a restaurant implies we will have a meal there. Go in/into means enter. Maybe it's raining and we're looking for a place to stay dry.


To add to Nicklnduni, if you were to say in dem Restaurant (or im Restaurant), that would imply you were not entering, like meeting out front, the accusative case implies movement


Would "wir könnten ins Restaurant gehen" be correct too?


Why "we can go into the restaurant" Is not a good/valid translation? My first language is not english, so perhaps is just plain wrong/weird in english?


Hi sally, I am also not a native English speaker, so I hope my answer is correct. I think "we can go into the restaurant" means we are able to, because its not closed maybe and "we could go into the restaurant" is more a suggestion.


OnkelSchnitzel is right. Although, 'can' and 'could' kind of run together into the same thing when speaking informally for me.


"in das Restaurant" is accusative implying movement towards. "im Restaurant" (dative) would emphasize the act of going inside.


I am from England. Although there is a difference between could and can, we often use them as the same word. 'Can I please use the toilet?' 'Could I please use the toilet?'. Both are perfectly acceptable to me! I have reported the problem to Duo.


I'm American. While I'm still not sure if in German there is a big difference between can and could it's good to know that England also uses them interchangeably.


Please, how can i say "we could go into THAT restaurant"?

I am asking this because i thought that the "das" in the german sentence meant "that" and not "the"!!



You could also say: "Wir könnten in dieses Restaurant gehen" DAS could also mean THAT and if you use it in that sentence, you could just point the restaurant when you say it! :)


When would you use "könnten" or "konnten"? What's the difference between "could" and "can"?


can you also say "we could have gone to the restaurant" or would it be more complicated?

[deactivated user]

    Why not "ins"?


    Would also work


    So using "könnten" means "we might go into the restaurant" right?


    No. Using "könnten" means that going into the restaurant is a possibility but that there are also other choices.

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