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  5. "Eu îl creez."

"Eu îl creez."

Traducere:I design it.

August 24, 2014

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De ce nu merge "I design"? Trebuie neaparat si "it" ?


To design =a proiecta, a schita, a desena To create =a crea


Why wouldn't "I create/design him" work here?


Because ”him” is for people.
Can you really create/design people? I don't think so, only objects.


Not if it's God or Dr Frankenstein talking ;) In these cases, is the translation correct? More generally, is it true that the neutral "it" is masculine in the singular, and feminine in the plural?


I hope Mr. Frankenstein is not taking our course, so for the rest of you, the only correct translation is the one using ”it”. :)

No. You only use the pronoun ”it” in the singular (for plural you use ”they”/”them”) and since in Romanian there is no such pronoun for animals/objects,
we thanslate with ”el”/”ea” (= ”he”/”she”) when it is the subject and
with ”îl”/”o” (= ”him”/”her”) when it is the object/complement of the sentence.
We use the masculine/feminine pronoun depending on the gender of the noun that ”it” refers to, or we accept both if no noun is specified.

The neuter nouns act like masculine nouns in the singular and like feminine nouns in the plural and you can see this in the articles and adjectives that are used.


Ok, mersi for the explanation! :) /Viktor Frankenstein


Andreea este obiect de aceea punem it


I made him nu se putea? Astia numai un cuvant sau doua stiu ca sinonime.


De ce nu merge si am pus corect


Nu este corect ,,design", din română in engleza verbul a crea se traduce create

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