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"The dog and the cat are sleeping together in a basket."

Translation:De hond en de kat slapen samen in een mandje.

August 24, 2014



This translation "het hondje en het poesje slapen samen in een mandje" was rejected; but 'poesje' has been both suggested and accepted in other sentences of the lesson: where is the logic? This lesson was about diminutives, right?


Report it.

Dutch is still in beta. There are lots of holes in the acceptable answers list - both on the Dutch and English side.

The moderators have been very responsive in adding acceptable translations.

I've had several contributions accepted.


And I should add, thank you for teaching me another Dutch word I didn't know: "poesje"


I wrote the same, its still rejected. 11.05.2019. ive reported


why is "de hond en de katje zijn slapen samen in een mandje" incorrect ?


Dutch has a continuous but it is formed "zijn aan het [verb]". But it is not necessary to use the continuous here because the Dutch present simple can translate to both present simple and present continuous in English depending on the context.

"Katje" is the diminutive of "kat". The diminutive versions, words ending in -je, take the article "het". Therefore it should be "het katje".


de hond en de kat zijn aan het slapen in een mandje samen - why is it incorrect then? :D

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