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"Hij krijgt twaalf boeken en dertien borden."

Translation:He gets twelve books and thirteen plates.

August 24, 2014



Yum books for dinner


i cant seem to get voice recognition with certain numbers. I feel like i'm pronouncing them correctly with an obvious accent but could this be because of my australian accent ? any tips on getting more of a dutch accent ?


I have the same problem and posted a question in the Duolingo forum. The rest of the sentence can be fine but any number word is marked wrong. Apparently it's a glitch in the voice recognition software. It affects other languages as well, but seems particularly bad for Dutch.


"He takes twelve books and thirteen plates" not possible?


that would be hij neemt twaalf boeken en dertien borden


That's the oddest pay scale ever


Books and plates is the correct translation, but book and boards is unacceptable? Really?


It should be correct, but generally you don’t give someone boards as a gift, giving someone plates is much more likely


But does it have to be a gift? Couldn't it be a teacher getting materials for a class?


Then still, what kind of boards, as I said it is a correct translation but I don’t see a context where this would be used.


What came to mind was the old blackboards with chalk used in schools a long time ago. Even though that's very dated, it still sounds more natural than books and plates to me.


Ah okay, then that would be called a “krijtbord” though.

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