"The architect is the man with the white shirt."

Translation:L'architetto è l'uomo con la camicia bianca.

May 23, 2013

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Why not "colla camicia bianca"?


All the basic prepositions except tra, fra, per and con have to be combined with an article placed next to them.

  • CON + LA = COLLA,
  • CON + LE = COLLE,
  • CON + I = COI
  • PER + I = PEI

these are no longer used and instead most Italians tend to use the longer form of "con la", for example.

note: con + il = col is an exeption


Why can't I use col?


L'architetto è l'uomo che porta la camicia bianca.


Would "L'uomo con una camicia bianco è l'architetto" not mean the same thing? I am not sure if it is a fair translation since it isn't literal. Likely I would have needed to use colla or con la camicia based on the other comments.


yes it's okay but sometimes duolingo wants us to stick with word order.

there are couple of mistakes in your sentence : L'uomo con la camicia biancA è l'architetto."

"bianca" because in Italian an adjective agrees in gender and number with the noun it modifies.


Why con and not col, when that is what the lesson used?


Probably not - they mostly wear black!!


White is staid and boring. Flamboyant architects should wear anything but white.


I have no typos


I have attempted to answer this question now 4 times a d it is completely correct except for the accent on the e. My limited keyboard does not have this accent and for 6 months i have not been able to place this accent. I cannot get past this point. This is preventing me from advancing.

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