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"Vorrei parlare con un esperto."

Translation:I would like to talk to an expert.

August 24, 2014



What's wrong with: "I would want to talk with an expert."

August 24, 2014


In English, we generally translate the present tense of "volere" as "want" and the conditional as "would like." The conditional of "volere" in Italian is what is used for polite requests.

May 8, 2015


But then, how would you say "I would want to talk to an expert"? In the sense of "You would want to talk to an arborist before trying to cut down that tree." It's a common construction, at least in Canadian English.

June 23, 2017


Grazie, mmseiple!

May 9, 2015


Im right here duo

June 21, 2017
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