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Are there any free online CEFR practice tests I can take?

[deactivated user]

    I don't plan anytime soon on taking an real exams but I'd like to get a feel for what my CEFR level in German actually is. I'm guessing B2 but I can't say for sure.

    August 24, 2014



    I'm not sure to what extent you should trust the result this one gives you, since there are very few questions, but: http://www.languagelevel.com/


    Wohoo, It tells me I am B2 in French. But to be honest I don't really believe that.


    Yeah it said my Spanish level was C1 and that's just plain ridiculous.


    The following site has English, Spanish and German.


    I have done the English exam. I think the test is believable because it has 75 multiple choice questions and many of them were tricky.


    I will take the test. Simple questions with several answers do not seem very trustful, but this kind of tests are the easier to publish on the internet. In order to get a certificate here in Spain, you must pass an exam based on skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking.


    A2, right where I estimated I would be. 26/100. Only 60 questions in Spanish BTW.

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