what is the difference between "est" and "es"?

starting to learn french, and i do not understand when i should write "est" and when "es" (and what "es" exactly means, as duolingo does not give a translation to it) can someone shed some light on that for me?

August 26, 2012


je suis, tu es, il/elle/on est, ... "es" is the second person singular and "est" the third person singular.

August 26, 2012

Don't know if it's true for French (beta), but in the german part of the website, when you put the mouse over a verb, in the list of words, there is a blue "C" (for conjugation I suppose). There you should see all the conjugations of that verb. In the case of the verb "être" (To be):

  • Je suis (I am)
  • Tu es (You are)
  • Il/elle/on est (He/she/it is)
  • Nous sommes (We are)
  • Vous êtes (You are)
  • Ils sont (They are)
August 26, 2012

The simplest way to remember that I know is to use 'est' for is and 'es' for are

August 26, 2012

Here's UT's Introduction to Verbs with some explanations about conjugation in general: and here's their page for être:

August 26, 2012
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