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Is the sound not working every now and then for some people?

Hi, I'd say about once every two or three times I try do lesson or recap, the sound doesn't work. This has only been happening for the last couple of days.

Is anyone else having this problem, or is it just me?

August 24, 2014



Yep. I seem to remember someone from the Dutch team saying that they knew this was happening and to bear with them.


This happens when Flash "crashes", usually due to a Duo glitch. It works again for me if I refresh the page.


Sometimes the sound doesn't work in the middle of the quiz. That's very upset because I have to skip the question and lose the heart. T_T


That's exactly the problem I have :/


I have had this problem this problem several times. I thought it had been fixed but it has come back:( I have to toggle the volume up and down a bit to get the sound to work after it goes off. This is necessary for approx every other question:( it slows things down a lot. I use the kindle app.


This happens to me a lot on Firefox. I don't think I've seen the crash yet on Chrome. But I tend to use Firefox far more than I use Chrome.

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