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  5. "A cozinha dela é suja."

"A cozinha dela é suja."

Translation:Her kitchen is dirty.

May 23, 2013



Why is it ser and not estar? you say my pocket esta vazio but the kitchen é suja? they are both temporary states of being, no?


You can use both here.... if her kitchen is always dirty, use "a cozinha dela é suja", temporary "a cozinha dela está suja"


I talked to someone who lives in Portugal and I was wondering why I couldn't just say "sua cozinha" instead of "a cozinha dela" for "her kitchen". You can say "sua irmã" for "your sister" and not "a irmã dela"?. Can somebody who has more knowledge of this please (try) to explain this to me so I can continue the long journey I have ahead of me? Thank you


You can say «A sua cozinha é suja.», just like you can say «A cozinha dela é suja.». The only thing is that, with «sua» and without context, you do not know whether it means "his" or "her."


I think it's because of genitiv. We are talking about "her kitchen" and in portuguese (and in german...) they like to switch it around.

Hope I could help.

[deactivated user]

    Could this mean Her cooking is dirty (I know it sounds odd).


    I suppose so..., but to disambiguate it might be better to use «A sua comida é suja.». ;)

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