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Way too many bugs on iPad version


  1. GUIs

Guis are completely messed up, they have underlines under the words when making a sentence making it hard to see the words.

Also if you fail a lesson, the crying duolingo bird is in the wrong place

Here: http://i.imgur.com/UZ6bxLw.jpg http://i.imgur.com/n7eJPeC.jpg

  1. Words needed to translate sentence aren't there, I know which words to use in a sentence, and the ones needed aren't even there, meaning a heart lost in faulty Duolingo app.

Here: http://i.imgur.com/Ehnced4.jpg http://i.imgur.com/uo8MVPQ.jpg

So many more bugs such as while practicing, nothing being improved even though I finish with 3 hearts.

I tried making a previous troubleshooting discussion, but no one gave a crap and these bugs are seriously getting on my nerves

August 24, 2014


[deactivated user]

    same here i wish Duolingo would get rid of these bugs


    Hi epicman2456, we're fixing all the bugs you've pointed out.

    In the third and fourth screenshots, did you add the underlines to the words in the word bank, or did it look like that in the app?

    Does every exercise with a word bank show the words with underlines? If so, what device and OS version are you using?


    It might be to late since this post was two weeks ago. But actually none of the examples given need to be errors. I am just pointing this out to make sure no time is wasted to try to debug these examples, because I think they actually ALL work.

    Alt text

    <h1>Dieser Hut steht Ihnen ausgezeichnet. Would be correct - so this one is not really a bug.</h1>

    Similarly for this one Alt text

    <h1>Das Gericht is correct.</h1>

    Alt text Lastly this one could be:

    <h1>Yes me included</h1>


    Hi FrankySka,

    You're right in that there is always a correct answer that is constructible from the word bank options. The bug is that the ribbon is showing another correct answer that could not be constructed.

    The app is never preventing you from answering the question correctly, but the bad correct answers shown by the ribbon are misleading.

    This is fixed in an app update waiting for approval from Apple. We expect it to be live tomorrow, but App Store review times have been especially long recently, probably due to the impending release of iOS 8.


    ah wonderful! I misunderstood the problem :-). Sorry! Yay for the update!


    I just tested the latest update - still plenty of bugs. E.g. When you learn Danish on the web (and have already done an exercise the same day), the app suggest to take a different course in the meantime. Now when I change to French from German the coach is confused and tells me "I'm on track" although I have not done anything.


    It just looked like that in the app. Every word in the word bank looks like that now.


    What iPad model and iOS version are you using?


    iPad 3, Retina display. iOS version 7.1.1


    Do you have any accessibility options enabled? Do buttons in other apps also have underlines?


    Nope, it's the only app that has that. I went on one morning and noticed the changes.


    Are you guys still working on fixing it?


    We need to submit an update to Apple to fix most of these issues, but we're doing that very soon.

    By the way, the underlines are caused by the "Button shapes" accessibility feature. If this is bothering you, you can turn it off in your iOS settings.


    Oh, okay I understand. It was just that button shapes made it look a bit nicer. Is it a bug caused by Apple or an interference with the code in the DL app?


    (replying to your most recent comment here, since there's no reply button under it) The underlines are actually the intended behavior by Apple. They draw underlines under the title text of any button that doesn't appear to have a background image set to make it clearer that the text is clickable. You can leave the setting on if you prefer it, it shouldn't cause any real bugs.


    Same bug with not correct wordbank encountered again.

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