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  5. Can't move past level 2


Can't move past level 2

I have completed it but the next stages remain locked.

August 24, 2014



Are you talking about the skills with a dotted outline on a gray bar?

Those are bonus skills. You can only buy them with lingots & aren't necessary to continue the tree.

Or did you not complete all your lessons in that skill? If it was finished the whole skill should be golden.

OR is it the lesson within a skill that you are talking about?


I'm talking about the food part with the hamburger icon. It's 0/5


Post a picture of your tree.


I can't see an option to attract a picture to my post, sorry I'm new to duolingo.


Just copy the URL in your post.


That's not good enough. Post a picture of your tree, viewed from the home page. The page you posted shows the progress of whoever is logged in.


https://www.duolingo.com/ this is the url I copied from my home page but it's just the site name, I don't think it will take you to my personal page.


You're right, that won't show your progress.


Hi. Are you able to access this link here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/es/Food ?

By "remain locked" do you mean the hamburger icon is grey? If it appears as 0/5, that means it is unlocked and you need to begin the lessons in that skill (by going to lesson 1 inside the Food skill.

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