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"Ela quer mais açúcar nessa limonada."

Translation:She wants more sugar in that lemonade.

May 23, 2013



you would not say "in that lemonade' in english. you would say 'in her lemonade' (possessive) or 'in the lemonade' (general)


Maybe she has 3 glasses of lemonade and the one saying the sentence sees a specific one?


The sentence says "In that lemonade"....Duo teaches us how to read, write and translate Portuguese....not how to say a few random phrases.

Do you know how to say "in her lemonade" in Portuguese?


I thought "nessa" was "in this"


Isto/Esto and derived forms: Close to the speaker - this

Isso/Esso and derived forms: Close to the listener - that

Aquilo/Aquele and derived forms: Away from both listener and speaker - that


Yes. But the correct is ESTE and ESSE, not ESTO and ESSO:

Isto / Este Isso / Esse


Nesse/nessa/nisso can be both, but I have forgotten why...

Neste/nesta/nisto are used for "in this", and naquele/naquela/naquilo are used for "in that".

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