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Has anyone applied in the incubator be help build a Luxembourgish course? If not maybe someone who speaks it can? Since a lot people in Luxembourg speak Luxembourgish, French, German and English it would be super easy to make a Luxembourgish team that can create a course for those languages. A duolingo Luxembourgish course would cause more people to learn the language which only has 400,000 speakers world wide based on information I seen on Wikipedia. Neighboring counties such as France and Germany could learn the National Language to be more connected in a social and business sense.

August 24, 2014



How would we differentiate the Dutch flag from the Luxembourgish flag?


Haha flag problems. I'm not sure but I think the duo team could think of something. Flag colors really isn't an issue that should keep us from making a language course available so that anyone that has internet is able to learn Luxembourigsh


Easy, just make the blue on the Dutch flag darker.


You'd have to change the Dutch flag to dark blue. Speaking of which, the French flag's blue it's too light as well.


Make the Dutch flag Orange instead of red.


I was going to post about this but I thought no one would care. Luxembourg is an inside joke between my friends (I don't know how it came to be) but I would love to learn Luxembourgish.


I would love a Luxembourgish course. I just moved here and it would help me a lot ;)


there already is a small Luxembourgish startup doing exactly that at https://www.luxify.lu


The site's down :(


But you have to pay for luxify


you have to pay for beer.


It will be great to see such a course in the future


Hopefully Luxembourgish will be added at some point. I've completed German and Dutch trees and would love to learn more languages from that area of Europe.


I have made a request to build a Luxembourgish course, I am a native speaker. I hope they'll accept me ;P


hey, wanna sit together and talk some time? sent me a message :)


I made one too a few months ago. Bit disappointed that I didn't even get a message like "Thanks for your entry, we'll look at it". Just no reaction at all.


I live in Luxembourg and would like to learn Luxembourgish with Duolingo


I know this thread is three years old, but a Luxembourgish course would be amazing. I am very fascinated by Luxembourg, and very interested in learning the language.


I am all for a Luxembourgish course!!



My name is Christiane Bramburger. I’m a Project Assistant at Appen, an listed international language technology solutions and consulting firm in Australia (ASX:APX).

We are initiating a Luxembourgish project for the purpose of improving user experience with our language system and to preserve the language through digital storage.

We are currently looking for native Luxembourgish speakers to work on a prompt disambiguation task of the language, the first stage of the project.

This is an easy project. The work involves categorising prompts into different categories according to the guidelines given.

Here are some key requirements:

• You will need have a computer installed with Chrome browser. • You must be a native speaker of the language. • Capable of following instruction materials written in English and communicate in English • You will need to have an availability of 20 hours per week for 5-10 weeks (optional).

If you or someone you know meet the requirements and are interested in contributing to this project, please do let me know.

This is a paid opportunity. You will need to have either PayPal or Skrill to receive payment from us.

We will get in touch shortly after we receive the expression of interest. Should you have any questions, please let me know.



Christiane Bramburger

Project Assistant | Language Resources

cbramburger@appen.com| skype: cbramburger.appen

Appen | http://www.appen.com

Level 6, 9 Help St Chatswood NSW 2067 Australia


I'd take that course

[deactivated user]

    Luxembourgish would be an easy language to learn and create with prior knowledge in similar languages like French, Dutch, and German.

    I'd love to see that come to fruition on Duolingo.


    Anything to boost the amount of speakers for a minor Germanic language.


    Any progress on it? It's a shame that the Luxembourgish course is still not here. I have a feeling that it is not done deliberately because of a lot people are trying to make money from creating their own Luxembourgish courses and tutorials, while Duolingo is essentially for free. But I should say no one electronic Luxembourgish course I've tried so far can be compared with the Duolingo platform in terms of its usability and efficiency.


    I voted for Luxembourgish on one of the recent polls but I think it only got 5 votes. Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to contribute but I'd definitely be interested in learning.


    Yes, please keep pursuing this. I find it annoying that you MUST specify a language to learn when joining Duolingo, but Luxembourgish is not among the options. Happily, there is also a good and newly active r/learnluxembourgish/ subreddit with lots of resources, including this: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/19593559


    A very important language, one of the three official languages of The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Groussherzogtum Lëtzebuerg (Luxembougish.)


    Yes!! Luxembourgish is one that I definitely would be interested in learning.


    I'd like to see the Luxembourgish language added too. It is very similar to the Moselle Franconian dialect of German right?


    It is indeed. I am a native speaker, fluently speaking french, german and english too. I‘d really like to contribute to a duolingo luxembourgish course. Could be fun and helpful for foreigners living in Luxembourg.


    Hi Christian! If you need help, please feel free to contact me. I would love to help you with this endeavour, since I am studying Luxembourgish at the moment.


    If you're interested in collaboration, please email me: my nickname + atsign + gmail + dot + com


    Oh I would really love to see Luxembourgish on Dulingo!!


    I would take this course!!


    I would like to learn Luxembourgish. Create the contribute, please.


    I started learning Luxembourgish on Memrise and would LOVE to learn it on here. :) I hope one day that Duolingo will add this course to it's list of languages! :) Thanks for the post!


    Did you think about the colors of the flags? Look at both of them.


    Yes, it is a main problem of humanity - flag's colours hues. Indeed, it is a serious reason for not adding a new course because of the flag's hue. Come on!

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