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"Ci siamo dimostrati i più forti."

Translation:We have proven ourselves the strongest.

May 23, 2013



Yes, if it was just 'piu forti' it would be OK to translate as 'stronger' (comparative) but 'i piu forti' indicates a particular case, therefore 'the strongest' (superlative).


''We have shown to be the strongest'' sounds good to me?


not to me. I think you need to say We have shown ourselves to be the strongest


Is there a reason why stronger is not appropriate here?


Presumably it's like French and that would be simply "più forti" - the article makes it superlative.


Yes, but being French, I think "nous nous sommes montrés les plus forts" could be translated as "we showed ourselves stronger", because you are stronger than the other people there... In this case both the comparative and the superlative can be used with the same meaning.


As long as you still have the article 'the', stronger would also be correct. 'We have proven ourselves the stronger' is the correct way to say this if you are only comparing two teams, for example. 'The strongest' is for comparing three or more. The Italian sentence doesn't specify a number, so both 'the stronger' and 'the strongest' should be accepted. :)


It is reflexive so you would have to say 'we have shown ourselves to be the strongest'


oh come on now, we didn't take comparative and superlative adjectives yet!

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