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  5. "Ele explica o seu livro."


"Ele explica o seu livro."

May 23, 2013



why is it not "o livro dele"? Can anyone explain the differences of when to use seu/sua or dele/dela/deles/delas for possession?


You can use dele. His = seu/sua/dele. Her = seu/sua/dela. Your = seu/sua. Their = seus/suas/deles/delas. When we want to defferenciate seu/sua to 2nd and 3rd persons, we use dele/dela. Sometimes it can be tricky. Use dele/dela always after the possession. His car = seu carro/ carro dele. Seu/sua goes according the gender of the adjective and number. His car = seu carro/carro dele his house = sua casa/casa dele, his cars = seus carros/carros dele, his houses = suas casas/casas dela

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