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  5. "Daarmee zwem ik niet."

"Daarmee zwem ik niet."

Translation:I do not swim with that.

August 25, 2014



What could this sentence be used for?

1) I don't swim with that (swimsuit)?

2) I don't swim with that (shark lurking around)?

3) I don't swim with that (dirty water)?

  • 1) In colloquial use yes, but better would be Daarin zwem ik niet (because you normally swim in a swimsuit)
  • 2) Yes
  • 3) No, that would be Daarin zwem ik niet
  • 4) I don't swim with that (group of people)
  • 5) I don't swim with that (thing you're bringing)


only 2 and 5 work in english


I thought of goggles when translating the sentence. (In my native German they are singular, and I think it's the same in Dutch. But for darmee this doesn't make a difference.)


yes or no, dutch speakers? we need to know if daarmee is broader than these english equivalents we are coming up with.


earlier, I got "I don't bike wearing that" shown as an alternative for daarmee fiets ik niet. Both should be the same, I'll report it


Yes, you can use it with a bunch of other verbs: Daarmee fiets ik niet, daarmee loop ik niet, daarmee werk ik niet, daarmee kook ik niet, daarmee gaan we niet, just as a few examples.


Would the word order "Ik zwem niet daarmee" also work?


yes, but the original one is better

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