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When will it be added ?

May 23, 2013



We're not currently working on that, but it's always good to hear that there's interest.


there is always intrest in that, since its the only missing language to learn english from^^


yeah thats right xd


Hey kristinemc ! When can we expect a release of "GERMAN -> ENGLISH" ? I would do free beta-testing ;)


There is plenty of interest in it over there, from what I hear. Especially American English (although British English would be appreciated as well, I'm sure).


I for one would love to see that. I have some friends in Germany who are trying to learn American English, and I think this is something they would enjoy and would find helpful.


as a german it would be nice to proof and practice english. why is it the only missing course?


Hello everyone I'm from Switzerland (my native language is German). I'm new here on Duolingo. I like the layout and espacially the idea from Duolingo. In the beginning of this week there was a report in our local radio about this page. That brought me to here. I speak a little bit spanish, but not too good. So i have a wish to learn it better. But it is difficult to learn a foreign language based on a other foreign language. I can imagine that the Duolingo-community will grow fast. And there will be more Swiss, Austrian and German peoples in this community. So i really hope that it is possible very soon to have German as main-language, too.


Welcome to Duolingo! We'll be allowing community members to add languages soon, so this is very much a possibility :)


I'm waiting for German -> English, too! :-) @anyom: It's difficult for those who don't know English to learn the language from the English -> German-version, because you can't listen to the English pronunciation...


Yes, when will it be added?


Please, open the app that I have started with.


hi i am mexican i am estudy diferent languge in you tube duolingo is very good


i have some ghetto-minded friends, and i think it would be good to have an english to english program

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