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"My basket is under the table."

Translation:Mijn mand is onder de tafel.

August 25, 2014



Why is "Mijn mand zit onder de tafel" wrong?


Zitten is used a bit differently than English to sit, and less for positions of things. if I'm not mistaken there are only 3 common usages for zitten:

  • people, animals, humanoids (robots, dolls, etc.) in a sitting position
  • things that are inside other things er zitten 3 boeken in de mand (there are 3 books in the basket), er zitten 100 jaren in een eeuw (there are 100 years in a century)
  • a condition of somebody ik zit lekker in m'n vel (lit. I'm sitting nice in my skin, meaning you're happy/in good spirits)


What about "Mijn mand ligt onder de tafel"?


Since a basket usually is roughly as high as it is wide, normally you use staan, but you can use liggen when it's tipped over or upside down.

Using mijn mand is like in the preferred translation sounds odd to me BTW, I would always use mijn mand staat (or ligt).


Sorry for this stupid question, but: What is the difference between "het" and "de"? Is "de" demonstrative, and "het" general/passive?


"De" is used in front of singular nouns of common gender (de tafel, de mens) and plural nouns of both genders (de mensen, de jaren, de dieren).

"Het" is used in front of singular nouns of neuter gender (het jaar, het dier).

Make sure to read the notes accompanying each lesson - they explain the grammatical concepts. See also dutchgrammar.com


Thank you very much!

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