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Dutch course is so addictive :)

I just started yesterday, but simply can't stop. I understand that further on the tree will get more complicated, but so far it's been really very enjoyable. Once again, thanks a lot to the creators of teh course as well as to all the community of Dutch learner on Duolingo, You are simply amazing and reading your comments and discussions makes me really motivated!

August 25, 2014



I agree, I went straight to Dutch when I got here and I really enjoyed doing it. Regretfully decided to give it a break for a while until I do some Danish (When it comes out) so I don't confuse myself. Good work dutch course creators.


Well, it's out now, so get to cracking!


Started recently, just going slowly, I want a good knowledge before I move on


That's completely understandable. I am doing the same with German. It takes me a while to understand things. I just passed the second checkpoint, but I'm level 10 already. I suspect I will be close to the max level or at it by the time I finish my tree.


Same with me. i'm having a progress everyday.


Agree - I'm enjoying throwing Dutch words at my Dutch boyfriend and learning how the grammar differs from other European languages (more different from German than I would have expected). One comment overall (for all languages) is I think we could have more variety in the vocabulary in each lesson as piling up the basic words is one of the basic challenges - but I'm not a language teacher just a language geek so perhaps that's not the best technique..


Same thing. I started the Dutch course when it was released (prior to that, used the reverse course) and it's so much fun (though, I'm kind of in a rut right now, so I haven't touched on that for a bit of a while now)!


I agree. I wish I could build my vocab even more quickly. Thanks to those working on this course!


The course is great, btw if you want to practice any tricky vocab check out this course on memrise http://www.memrise.com/course/357803/duolingo-dutch/ someone uploaded all the duo vocab!


Thanks so much for the Memrise link. That's really useful!


Awesome news, will add it to my memrise!


True that :-) I love it although I'll need to 'strengthen my skills' very often as there are some points that are still a bit unclear and words I forget (many spelling mistakes too!). I'll just need to read the lesson commentaries more thoroughly... So far it's been a great experience ! Thanks for all the hard work and good luck to all learners !


I agree. It's very hard to stop. Well played, Dutch course creators.

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