"Forse no"

Translation:Maybe not

May 23, 2013

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Google translate slightly disagrees, saying "forse non" for maybe not and "forse no" for maybe no


Google translate is showing you the literal translation. Forse no can stand alone the same way Maybe not can, but if you say forse non... you ought to follow it with a verb, such as forse non sono le mie scarpe.

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Sorry, I tried 3 times and I could not hear thr "no". It is imaginary.


What the heck is wrong with perhaps not?


Nothing at all; it worked for me. But I've noticed that 'perhaps' is definitely a poor relation to 'maybe' on Duo; perhaps it just reflects US usage.


Yesterday I nearly finished a lesson but got discouraged as you twice corrected a sentence that was correct. Today you all too quickly corrected the same phrase before I could even finish typing


Did you perhaps inadvertently press the check key before finishing your answer? I've done that several times.


Reverso lists example italian translations of Maybe Not and has examples of both with NO and NON. It looks like you use NON if there is something following and NO if there isn't http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-italian

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