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speaking into microphone

seems really difficult for microphone to pick what i am saying in spanish!!

4 years ago


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I have also faced the issue. Could be an accent issue. Or could be something broken. In any case, I now have the microphone turned off. And people around me have sore ears :)

4 years ago


I reported my issue with the microphone to duolingo - I click on the microphone, say what they want me to say, click stop, and it sits, and sits, and sits - I end up clicking on "I don't want to use the microphone" just so I can continue. I hope they can fix that - I do have to remember to slow down when using the microphone, or it gets confused...lol...

4 years ago


I'm having the same problem!

4 years ago


I have completely given up on the microphone. Starting out, it was effective and very forgiving. But just 2-3% in, it became remarkably unforgiving. I was stuck for days, unable to finish any lesson, because it simply would not accept anything I said. I almost gave up on duoLingo to go find another product.

The only workaround seems to be to turn off the microphone and repeat the lesson. I find that if I turn off the microphone when stuck at the end of a lesson (because it won't accept anything I say), just leaves it stuck.

Very frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 years ago