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"Wanneer kom je in Frankrijk aan?"

Translation:When do you arrive in France?

August 25, 2014



Would be nice if this lesson provides the name of several countries in Dutch. Not just France and Germany.


the Netherlands/Holland: Nederland/Holland, England/United Kingdom: Engeland/Verenigd Koninkrijk, Schotland: Schotland, (Northern) Ireland: (Noord-)Ierland, Spain: Spanje, Portugal: Portugal, Italy: Italië, Croatia: Kroatië, Brazil: Brazilië, Argentina: Argentinië, Australia: Australië, Poland: Polen, Russia: Rusland, Belarus: Wit-Rusland, Latvia: Letland, Lithuania: Litouwen, Estonia: Estland, Switzerland: Zwitserland, Austria: Oostenrijk, Greece: Griekenland, India: India, China: China, Mexico: Mexico, Canada: Canada, Japan: Japan, Chile: Chili.

I guess this will do :)


Why can't I translate it to "When are you coming to France?"


'To come to' would translate as 'komen naar'. The separable verb that is used here is 'aankomen', which translates as 'to arrive'.

'Aankomen' also means 'to gain weight', but in this context 'to arrive' is probably the intended meaning ;-)


is "komen naar" also a separable verb? (therefore "naarkomen") or am I getting it all mixed up?


Komen can be used with naar, it isn't a separate verb though. Ik kom naar je = I come to you.


Ok, I guess I was just overgeneralising there :P Bedankt! :)


This is probably something we learned way back but is that separable verb always separated with "aan" at the end?


shouldn't it be arrive to France?


No. You can travel to France, or go to France, but when you get there, you are arriving in France.


Why not "when do you come to France?"


"Wanneer kom/ga je naar Frankrijk?" the verb is "aankomen" which means to arrive (and to gain weight)


Why not "when are you coming to france?"


"Wanneer kom/ga je naar Frankrijk?" the verb is "aankomen" which means to arrive (and to gain weight)


Is it as formal as it sounds in English? I think when people in my English speaking country say this they say, "when do you get here?" If different, what would be the the translation for "when do you get here" in Dutch?

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