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  5. Random words in a 'test'?


Random words in a 'test'?

I just want to clarify something, in case I am missing out on an obvious or crucial element of this website. I am in the vebs section, somewhere down in the middle, lesson 5, which is an 'exam.' The questions are filled with so many verbs I've not once encountered in the lessons (to flee, to load, to plug in, to become angry, etc) that I can't get passed it. Is this a flaw, or was I somehow supposed to find these words from elsewhere?

May 23, 2013



Did you happen to click on 'Test out of this skill'? Might be why some words are unfamiliar and others like "brancher" or "plug in" are not (taught in Lesson 1). Let me know if that's the case.


Hmm, Good question. I am fairly confident that I would not have clicked on Test out this Skill. I did, however, click on the lesson that was closest to this button. Still, I have a big monitor and they are light-years apart. So while I am quite that I didn't actually click on the test, I ended up there somehow. If it happens again I will let you know - otherwise its either a fluke or a bad user.

Thanks for clarifying.

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