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Missing words in lesson

In German, I sometimes don't have words that I need to complete my activities. Example: http://i1073.photobucket.com/albums/w381/Masturcief421/b2a052f10d78508b4a04808448f1944c.jpg It's happened twice sience the new update, both times with the word 'Frei' and I think both were the sentance about free tomatoes. Please fix this, it would be a great help. Also, I don't like how the new app works, it doesn't tell me what I said in english after I spoke the german word.

August 25, 2014



In your particular example, "kostenlos" would have been an acceptable answer. Just because the app is giving you an acceptable answer that isn't among the choices doesn't mean there isn't any acceptable answers. Still something that should be looked at though, as it can obviously cause confusion.


Wow, thanks. I hadn't used 'kostenlos' in such a long time I'd forgotten about it. Thanks a bunch. And yeah, if they didn't have 'frei' then the correct answer should use the word I was given, because that was super confusing.

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