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which language is the easiest?

I am looking for a language that I can learn just for fun that is fairly easy, any suggestions?

May 23, 2013



lol yeah right


Vote for "Finnish on Duolingo".


Duolingo should enable a Finnish language course so that people are able to start learning as soon as possible. Click the above link to vote. Only by sharing the link, will we make progress. Thanks


I know this is an older post, but Finnish would be great. That said, we have to find a person willing to sink a lot of time into this, and a poll won't necessarily help with that.


The Facebook group above which you replied to, is the group who is working hard to get the Finnish language started on Duolingo. There are folks will to "sink a lot of time" into the project. :)


I would actually advise against Esperanto. Yes it is simple and logical, but outside of a very limited community it is pretty much used by nobody. There is no country to travel to, no movies to watch and just a few hardly original books to read.

Since you live in North America, it is kinda logical to try Spanish because it is a fairly simple language and enables you to travel south. If you are more interested in Europe then German would be the obvious choice, because it is in the same family as your native language and you are already learning French.


However, Esperanto has been shown in many studies to give people a leg up when studying languages, especially when those languages are Germanic, Romance, or Slavic, like Esperanto's source languages. www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gSAkUOElsg

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You could try Esperanto or some other constructed language which is designed to be easier than natural languages. Or why not Spanish, Portuguese or Italian since DuoLingo offers courses for them?



Aren't you having enough fun with your French? ;-)

I'd suggest you not to divide your time and effort between many languages at once. If you have some extra time, find some comics, cartoons or books in French. This would be both fun and useful.


Although Duolingo doesn't support it (yet!) you might try Esperanto, as IG88 suggested. If you've reached level 10 in French (and presumably native English) then E-o should be relatively simple, and will give you a world-wide-reaching access across many cultures. While Esperanto gets a bad rap for being "artificial" (whatever that means) it developed an interesting 'culture', with it's own literature, music, a surprisingly robust Wikipedia, a tourism service like CouchSurfing, and even its own castle in France, "Gresilion"! Many courses are available at Lernu.net. Good luck!


Here is the best website to learn esperanto if you are interested to: http://en.lernu.net/. Shisoik is right, there is about 100 000 to 2 millions esperanto speakers throughout the world. For English speakers I would say that the closest language might be Dutch. :),


Norwegian is easier


Spanish should fairly easy, provided you can roll your r's. It's a romance language like french, and it shares a considerable amount of vocabulary with English. It's also very useful if you live in the Americas, do to the large number of Spanish speaking countries.


Soltanto la lingua italiana.


Afrikaans is supposed to be fairly easy. It is not on duolingo, however. I just realized how old this post is.


Spanish is quite an easy language.

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