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People editing translations but not changing anything

Hi all,

I've noticed on the immersion feature that many people have edited sentences I've translated but not actually changed anything (it is literally exactly the same), and have then got credit from the translation. Is there anything to stop this from happening?

EDIT: Sometimes they won't even change it even if there is a blatant translation error, which just proves that they are simply copy-pasting the old translation.

August 25, 2014



are you sure you aren't just seeing what look like 'edits' when it's just that you both entered the same translation at about the same time? duolingo shows that as an edit-- they don't appear to have any way to display ' same entry/same time' - this is really common for very simple sentences/phrases/captions/titles - I see it all the time -


Ah, I had no idea! I assumed Duolingo would have some sort of safeguard against this. Thanks for informing me :)


Yeah, maybe if you tried to translate a sentence, there would be a message there saying "this sentence is being translated" and making you unable to translate. That would be nice, and avoid a lot of confusion.


This would be a good idea yes, or similar to Facebook chat where it says "[user] is typing", on Duolingo it could say "[user] is currently translating", or something similar.


This happens to me all the time. Apparently, me and somebody else were translating something at the same pace, and I was translating just a bit ahead of him. As a result, he got the final credit with his name on the translation. I even yelled at him a bit. Then, I figured this out. So embarrassing T_T


Is it wrong to change someone's sentence if the miss a period or didn't capitalize it? One time someone gave me a nasty message for doing this and I do not want to steal anyone's work.


I think as long as you share credit and mention in the notes something like 'capitalisation' I'd say that was okay because obviously the previous translation would be incorrect.


I just found out (on the wiki immersion guidelines) that "share credit" is a beta feature, meaning not all users have the ability. I do have it and always share credit unless the translation is totally off. But now I see how other users might be annoyed at minor fixes I have made if they don't know about this. And to tell the truth it annoys me that other users are not sharing credit with me on minor fixes. I am now including a message in the comment section that I am sharing credit to remove any doubt. I hope it helps! Also, it is in everyone's best interest to share credit. You will only get credit for up votes from someone at your level or higher - so bringing more people up to your level is a win-win. ;-)


This the 3rd mistake that I found and post. It's frustrating for a beginner. The English question was "What do you have?" I would have picked from "Qu'est-ce que tu as? EXCEPT there were no est or ce among the choices.

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