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"Nós precisamos de uma pessoa que trabalhasse para o clube."

Translation:We need a person that worked only for the club.

May 23, 2013



Maybe I'm not fully grasping the subjunctive...but I thought that using "would" would be appropriate?

Example: "We need a person that would work only for the club".

Am I way off on this?


No... if you use just "worked" it seems like they needed someone who had already worked for the club... would work translates better the Portuguese sentence


Yeah, a lot of the time when the English verb is in the past tense, the translation sounds weird!


For the construction with ‘would’ a better Portuguese equivalent exists. I think the sentence makes much more sense if you interpret ‘precisamos’ as past tense.


Paulenrique's answer seems to indicate that the Portuguese is not referring to the past. In other words, as I read his response, the Portuguese is not talking about someone who has only ever worked for the the club in the past, but rather about someone who would work exclusively for the club.

If that is indeed the case, then Duo's English translation is wrong.



If "nos precisamos" is in the past tense, would the translation be:

"We needed a person who worked only for the club"? Is there much difference between that sentence and "...a person who would work only for the club"?


precisamos is past and present. Here 'would work' is also right.


I agree with you and Paulenrique. I'm reporting it.


I think you're right G.P.Niers. It sounds better in English to read the translation: "We needed a person to work only for the club." I think this translation preserves the tense and meaning of the Portuguese phrase also.


Why "just for the club" is wrong?

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