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  5. "I am completely against it."

"I am completely against it."

Translation:Ik ben er volstrekt tegen.

August 25, 2014



I don't understand the use of 'er' in this sentence.


In Dutch you can use 'er' in combination with a preposition to say "preposition + it":

  • on it: erop
  • in it: erin
  • against it: ertegen

In this sentence the adverb 'volstrekt' stresses 'ertegen' to say that I am completely against it: that becomes 'er volstrekt tegen'.


belgieman said: why can't I say "ik ben volstrekt tegen het"? I too wish to know, and if there is even a right place for het in this discussion group's question


'Het' can be used as an indefinite or personal pronoun when it's the subject of a sentence, for instance 'Het is eng' (It is creepy).

Same goes for when it's the object: 'Ik vind het leuk' (I like it).

To my knowledge 'het' as an indefinite or personal pronoun can never be used with a preposition. The sentence "ik ben volstrekt tegen het" sounds like 'het' is used as an article and the noun behind it is missing.


It has the same meaning as 'it' in this sentence.


Can I say: "Ik ben volstrekt ertegen."?

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Still unclear on this one! Anyone? Maybe it's cause I'm more used to German, but 'Ik ben volstrekt ertegen' feels more natural?


Your feeling is quite right. I don't think that "Ik ben volstrekt ertegen" is wrong, but it sounds a bit forced. "Ik ben er volstrekt tegen" sounds definitely a lot more natural.


I put the same structure but helemaal instead of volstrekt and was marked as a wrong answer :(


"Ik ben er helemaal tegen" should be a good answer. Just report it.


why can't I say "ik ben volstrekt tegen het"?


Dutch is not so hard but phrases like this are completely bugging me. I hope I will be able to speak without using them as much !


I can relate. But then again, it's all part of the language, and I'm sure it will come naturally with time!


What about "ik ben er helemaal tegen"?


As already replied to Aki_Nguyen: that's a correct translation.


I said "Ik ben totaal ertegen". Is there a problem with that, or should it have been accepted?

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