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  5. "Mijn huis is vochtig."

"Mijn huis is vochtig."

Translation:My house is humid.

August 25, 2014



Moist is also correct i think xD


It's technically correct, but you'd probably use "damp" for a space, such as the interior of a building, where part of what you're talking about is the general atmosphere.

"Moist" is more often used for things. For example, you might say either "a moist sponge" or "a damp sponge," though you might also refer to "moist air."


Hi Martijn, please use the "Report a Problem" button to suggest alternative translations or synonyms. The sentence comments are not the right place for that. Thanks!


so what is it for ? I learn a lot reading these comments and it helps the translation. I can more precisely "feel" the meaning of a word or an idiom. Thank you guys


sorry didn't know that :) thank you


Would one say something like er is vochtig to say that there is damp (on a wall etc)


No, you cannot say that: vochtig is an adjective (meaning moist, humid), and in that context you need a noun (just as you do in English: there is humidity on the wall.).

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