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The Danish Collection (Overview of Threads) [Please Read]

Hej allesammen!

This thread is intended to be a collection of links to other threads, in which we will detail various parts of the Danish language that might be hard to understand. Since we wanted to get the course out to you as fast as possible, and these details will probably take a while to write, they are not yet written!

The over overview of the threads that we will eventually write is below here. I invite you all to comment if you bump into something in the course that you simply cannot understand, and which is not covered in this list. Similarly, you are welcome to comment on which ones of these you feel are most pressing. Then we will, of course, write those first :)

Be sure to check out the Facebook group as well.

<h1>Introductions</h1> <h1>Phonology</h1> <h1>Nouns and Properties</h1> <h1>Verbs</h1>
  • Overview of Verb Conjugations and Usages
  • Verbs: Tenses
  • Verbs: Passive Aspect
  • Verbs: Imperative Mood
  • Verbs: Present and Past Participle
<h1>Tricky Differences</h1> <h1>Constructs</h1> <h1>External Resources</h1>

We will try to collect useful resources for your Danish studies here. Feel free to post any additions in comments here or in this thread.


  • Ordnet.dk -- Here you can look up any word, and find inflections, examples, and more.
  • Sproget.dk -- Another dictionary with inflections, examples, which also shows the syllables for any word (useful for pronunciation).
  • Wiktionary (the English version) has most Danish words with IPA pronunciation, etymology, conjugations, and often a translation too.
  • Dsn.dk from the official authority on Danish language has word lookups with conjugations.
  • Forvo has pronunciations of many Danish words, recorded by native speakers.




Hope you’re enjoying the course! :D

August 25, 2014



I think the alphabet and sounds would be a great thing to start off with. :) Since I've been watching Danish movies/tv, the sounds are not completely unfamiliar to my ear, but how to form them...that's a little tricky for me.


Yes I will try to write that post today! In order to manage expectations, though, I must say that there a lot of exceptions, a lot of confusing spelling, and that the vowels will be impossible to explain using English examples (it'd be like painting a colour picture with only black and white). But I will try! And I know of some youtube videos that go through the sounds, which I will try to find again and link to :)


Thanks for the extensive tips and notes with each lesson. I think it may be the most comprehensive of any Duolingo course. :)


I totally agree! And not only good tips and notes, but also encouragement and witty writing. Fun and useful reading :)


I have only just started Danish, and already I can only agree whole-heartedly with annygaard: the tips and notes are excellent, and written in such a friendly style! Mange tak! If it carries on like this, I think I'll love this course!


Glad you like it! :)


Yes, the tips and notes with each lesson are so useful. It's really one of the best one I've tried so far. Thank you so much for creating this course. :-)


For all of us young - or "young at heart" - danish learners, here's a collection of...children's books :P http://tinyurl.com/danishchildrensbooks

(Hope it's not already somewhere in the comments & I missed it :/)


Great find! I'll add it to the post :)


For iPhone there is the 'Soriko Radio' app with Scandinavian radio frequencies. I listen to DR1 (Denmark) when I go to sleep. It's only news and discussion, so it's a good way to see if you can catch the phrases. In addition to the news, you can follow (or download the apps of) DR Nyheder, TV2 Nyhederne and Jyllands Posten. They also post video's on their Facebook pages.


Sorry, I did not know where to point this. When you go to practice, it does not matter your level, you need to point out how to write "jakkesaettet", "hatten" and "skoen". And together with this, the "clothing" part is always "not done".


I have the same problem. When I go to practice, I always get "skoen", "hatten", "jakkesættet", "bukserne". Always. It helped me to learn how to write "jakkesættet", but I would prefer to focus on other words now :)


This still hasn't been fixed unfortunately


Thank you for your time and energy. I love generous people.

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