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No Audio Play in French

hey been using duo for some time and love it. however today i am not getting the audio for french. im using computer not mobile, there is no play button for when the sentence is french. i can mouse over hear the individual words in french but cant have the whole sentence read. anyone else? pic of what it looks like (no play button) http://imgur.com/JRm3xkQ

update #3 from what i can tell it is now working again.

update #2 can get sentences read if you click the strengthen skills but not when you are redoing a skill or a starting a new one. maybe this bug is in relation to the release of irish and danish? they happened on the same day

update #1 i added irish to see if it would read whole sentences and it did. then i added german and it did not read whole sentences (no normal play or slow play buttons see screen shot)

August 25, 2014



Another voice to the crowd: I'm having the same audio problems.

With so many people having this problem, it can't be cookies, a particular browser, a single visit to the Irish modules, etc. This is Duolingo's problem: I hope they fix it soon. The exercises are pretty pointless without the audio reinforcement.

The odd thing is that the "write what you hear" function still works.


What is REALLY weird is that it does work - at least for me - when I do "Strengthen skill", but not when I do any individual lesson.


just tested 'strengthen skills' and it gives audio but nothing else. very strange. id think its related to the release of irish and danish. they were released same day the problem began. weird its not EVERYONE and only some people tho.


Precisely... I stop here because some people will say I’m creating conspiracy theories....


This is happened to me today too! I am doing the Spanish course. My partner is using it on his laptop and isn't having the problem. Please someone fix it.


I'm experiencing that too in my Spanish tree. In the German tree the audio works fine. It started after I added the new Danish and Irish courses.


i have this problem too in German course :\


I'm having the same problem in both the French and Spanish course... It just started today


Same for me in all my courses. I get the sound when I hover over underlined words, but no autoplay of full sentences. :( everything works fine in "strengthen skills" though.


The audio came back just now!


J'ai le meme probleme aujourd'hui. Je ne peux pas apprendre comme ca!


I got the exact same issue in the Dutch (from English) course. Words will play on hover, but no autoplay. Tried turning off and on the setting for autoplay, and tried a new browser (Chrome, I'm usually on Opera) with no success. Checking the html the span tag with id "big-speaker" has the style "display: none", and is surrounded by strange "tags": <::before> and <::after>. And as for others the audio works when strengthening skills, but not during lessons.


Same to me. No audio for German, French and Italian, Irish is perfect though. It started yesterday evening (I am in Europe). Replay button also gone. Starting Irish and Danish took it all from Duolingo. :) Hope they can fix it soon.


I am not getting audio play in Spanish. It will read the sentence when I am required to write it in Spanish, but otherwise there is no audio.


Same here, It's so frustrating -_-


French audio works now, thank you!


You need to hard refresh Ctrl + F5 your browser. The irish course uses a different voice (human) so it probably doesn't load up in the same manner as other courses. Since you visited the irish course that has happened.


i did not visit irish first and then get the problem. i was only subscribed to french, but when it started getting this problem i wanted to see if other languages had the same issue. refresh, cookie delete, different browser- none of these have worked sadly.


Make sure you have voice autoplay in the settings (https://www.duolingo.com/settings/account). Maybe disabling autoplay, saving then re-enabling it will help. If not, you'll have to wait until Duolingo solves it.


No use of hard refresh


Same here...No auto audio when the sentence is introduced with I Duolingo on the computer. However, it does work when I use the APP on the Android OS.


I'm not getting audio at all. I think it has something to do with Flash Player's most recent version (I updated my FP yesterday).


im not sure it is flash. once i started having this problem i add new languages to see if it was an across the board problem. i cannot play sentences in french, spanish, or german. however i can play sentences in irish, OR if i strengthen skills on any language as @boringtomi noted earlier i can play sentences. not when i redo or start working on a new skill though.


Ca marche pour moi maintenant, merci.


same here in ''type what you here'' no one nareats forcing me to skip the question which wastes a lot of hearts i reported this problem for two times still the same problem!!!!!!


French slow pronunciation and mouse over pronunciation hasn't worked for several days now when repeating lessons, come on Duo, pull your finger out.

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