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Irish Portal [Under Construction]


Welcome to the Irish Portal! Here you will find grammar explanations, links and more. This discussion is locked. If you have a question, please ask it in the appropriate thread. [Under Construction]


  1. Irish alphabet

  2. Articles

  3. Pronouns

  4. Word order

  5. Adjectives

  6. Plurals


  1. Present

  2. Past

  3. Future

  4. Imperfect

  5. Conditional

Initial Mutations

  1. Lenition

  2. Eclipsis

Important Info and Other

  1. Irish Course: Important Information

  2. Irish: Statistics and Information

  3. Suggestions

  4. Duolingo FAQ

  5. Irish Guide to Reporting

  6. Irish Hall of Fame

  7. Duolingo Irish Learners Facebook Group

Links and Other Resources

  1. TV, Radio, YouTube and Podcasts

  2. Online dictionaries: Focal.ie, Focloir.ie, Teanglann.ie

  3. Further grammar help

  4. Jillianimal's Huge List of Links

  5. Crooty's Anki Deck


  • This portal should cover most of the topics you may want more information on.

  • If you have a question, you can ask it in the appropriate thread or post it on the stream of a member of Team Irish.

  • If you have a suggestion, please comment on the suggestion thread or post on the stream of a member of Team Irish

  • As a reminder, the members of Team Irish are: alexinIreland, NoahHiggs, odoinn and dubhais.

  • Special thanks to Lavinae and the other members of Team Dutch for inspiring this thread.

August 25, 2014

This discussion is locked.

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