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  5. "Is maith leat bia."

"Is maith leat bia."

Translation:You like food.

August 25, 2014



If I wanted to say, "Roisin likes milk," would that be, "Is maith le Roisin bainne"?


It sounds like someone saying "He smile at beer" with a funny accent. :-)


Specifically to me it sounds like someone who doesn't speak English trying to have an English accent


Food! - yuck! I hate that stuff! It always gets in my mouth!


Is "leat bia" grammatically incorrect. "Maith" means good, and it is used a lot in Irish. Like in this example, "it's good you like food" is used instead of simply saying "you like food". Does it have a cultural aspect to it? It'd be interesting if fellow native Irish students would share some stories with us :)


"leat bia" means "with-you food". "Is maith liom... ." is more like "Is good with-me.... ."

So when something is liked, in Irish people say that it "is good with them". It is really a fun idiomatic way of saying things. Irish has a lot of these. Like saying you want something "Tá bia uaim." "Is food from-me". (Or you could use the ba mhaith liom bia expression to be softer I think...).

So if you are saying that the phrase "is maith leat bia" means "it is good you like food" then that is not right. It just means "You like food." or "Is good with-you food" literally.


I see. Go raibh maith agat! Irish is quite interesting. I'm a beginner, and I'm having lots of fun!


Glad to help! Having fun is very important! Irish is full of very interesting ways of saying things, it is like speaking poetry just to ask for a bottle of water. I love it!


A euphemistic insult if ever I heard one.


Is maith leat bia, ach is fearr liom beoir.

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