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"A man, a woman, a girl and a boy."

Translation:Fear, bean, cailín agus buachaill.

August 25, 2014



So Irish doesn't [really] use indefinite articles?


Yes and that's great!!!


How do i know when to use bean or bhean?

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After the singular definite article an, feminine nouns like bean are lenited.

bean is a feminine noun, so "a woman" is bean but "the woman" is an bhean.
fear, cailín and buachaill are all masculine nouns (yes, the Irish for "girl" is a masculine noun), so "a man, a girl and a boy" is fear, cailín agus buachaill and "the man, the girl and the boy" is an fear, an cailín agus an buachaill.


OMG thank you so much!!this really helped me!


Call it wrong when I use "bean" with the clickables, then call it wrong when I use "bhean" with typing. Unless there's some grammar rule about one over the other in different situations, that's just annoying and rude.


After an you h in bean


I think the spelling changes based on the word it follows, but I don't know the specific rule


I like how A just isnt a word in irish therefore me amarican use lazy letter word


i am spelling every thing right and it is saying i am not


If you're going to mark my attempt at putting the tick in as wrong. Will you be polite enough to tell me how to get my english keyboard to type irish, or we will never get past this point?

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You don't need to use your English keyboard to enter fadas in your answers:

If you do want to actually enter the fadas from your keyboard (so that you can use them when you're not submitting them as part of an Answer to a Duolingo exercise), then the best procedure will depend on which English keyboard you are using - are you using Windows, a Mac or some other operating system, are you using a US layout (with # above the 3) or an Irish layout (with £ above the 3 key) or some other layout?


Garsún is not wrong!

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