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No audio in Spanish?

Is anyone else having the problem that there is no audio in Spanish? It will say the words if hovered over, but doesn't read the sentence or phrase.

August 25, 2014



Same thing just happened to me, don't really want to but may have to find a new site because I really want to hear it, all of a sudden the button just disapeared


Same here, also Spanish... Is it a bug or is it something done intentionally?


It's fixed now, at least for me. I haven't done anything so probably it has been fixed for everyone?


yes, everything is fine now


You will be able to change the settings to turn on the audio. It should say voice auto play. Then, you will have to click on and save changes.


i have this setting on and it has no affect. you can see from my screen shot below that in my case i do not have the play buttons (no normal or slow speed). I can click on the words individually and hear the words but cannot play a whole sentence. my situation is in french i should mention. http://imgur.com/JRm3xkQ


i tried adding spanish, german, and irish courses to see if they would give me the same problem. only irish had the play button and would read a sentence. strange


Oh sorry, just trying to help. I don't what's going on? It works for me, so it must be a bug on Duolingo. I never had a problem with it. It just might be duolingo. I don't want to talk about anything, but maybe it's the computer......I really don't know though.


I'm getting no audio in either Danish (which I thought was a beta issue) and Dutch (which made me think that it's a Duo issue instead). :-/


It must be a major bug because it's on other computers too


Ok good maybe it was a temporary bug or something, but all I am is glad for you.


nope its ok with me


Same for me. / Spanish

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