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Amazing Voice

Well, I shouldn't have any problem with learning Irish and its sounds! Awesome voice....I love humans. ;)

August 25, 2014



Great to hear your thoughts Alexis! We are very happy its clarity too :)


I know that voice! I can't quite place it, but it's super familiar.


It sounds a lot like a friend of a friend who used to earn money by dubbing things in to Irish (she's an actress). I wonder if it's her? She's from Connemara.

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It's not just the fact that's it's clear, too. I love having a voice that really speaks the language with emotion! Having her actually sound upset for "How am I?" or "I'm not a man!" is really nice coming from a sometimes comically emotionless TTS engine.


It almost sounds like there are two different speakers, though it could be just a lot of inconsistency in her pronunciation.

For example, in this sentence she pronounces the "ch" in "buachaill as a hard c ("boo-kill"), whereas it should be pronounced like this sentence.

Just an observation! Really enjoying the course so far.


Pretty sure they are the same person though.


Id say the voice actress who did these was possibly from around the midlands or somewhere without a strong focus on irish. Most people here in the midlands say their buachaill like that unless a person is taking the piss out of a strong irish accent (my hatred on irish listening tests. Ulster accent sweetmercifulgod)


Great voice, love the drama in some of the sentences, but ... dinnéar = "die'nair"? Where is that from?


I wasn't sure if it was just one voice... I could have sworn there were actually 2 different ones. But yes, it's so lovely:-)


I agree, it is a lot easier to understand. :)


Great voice! Nice to have a real person for a change!


I know right! Especially since the other course I'm taking is Italian... I'm sure you guys know the voice quality there (but I can live with it)


I find the italian voice easy to understand but not real to life; it's very robotic! Nice to hear a voice that is so crystal clear :)


Seriously the voice work alone on this course is going to attract people. Just marvelous. I know the other courses can't help that they don't have human voices... but honestly it just makes me want to focus on Irish now lol.


I agree--much easier to understand a real human voice. The voice is very clear.


The human voice is definitely much easier to understand than the robotic ones on the other courses. However, is it just me or is there no "turtle" option on the listening exercises? I would love to have the slowed-down option, at least at first.


Well, I saw Alex mention on his stream that the voice is neither fast nor slow, but right in the middle.


Oh, I think I remember on another course the basics automatically played the slow version and then once you got past that, you got the regular version with the option for the slowed-down version. Maybe that's why I have no turtle option - the voice is already turtle-speed but still sounds fast since I have no experience with spoken Irish.


That happens in the other courses (can't remember Danish at the moment, but definitely for the originals). I wonder if they will put in a turtle option sometime.


Have to agree...it's my favourite duo voice! I do find that Irish is the language I have the most difficulty imitating. Time for practice.


Absolutely - perfect pronunciation, on some of the French and Spanish aural exercises, the diction comes across as garbled, but this woman could present on TG4!


LOL. I mistook TG4 for TNG (Star Trek the Next Generation) ... and I thought "Yeah she would have made a great voice for the computer!".... But that isn't what you meant all was it... derp. :(

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