August 25, 2014



Interesting. Paul will definitely be a crucial character later on in the course.


Will Paul eat bread and drink water? Find out next time on Ireland Ball Z!


Oh wow! Sneak laughing in class haha


It's a reference to the cartoon Dragon Ball Z.


I'm wheezing with laughter over here.


I read this last night, and I was cracking up at work this afternoon because of it.


After 5 episodes of pouring the water. ..


But, do we find out if "Paul" is a man or woman?


Or other kind of animal.


You're right. SPOILER ALERT: He becomes the President of Ireland in the "Ireland 1" lessons.



He does pretty well for himself. I'm surprised considering this sentence.


I'm waiting for the introduction of Pól Péist!

When I was in primary school mean years ago we learnt Irish with "Paul the worm". I was very dissapointed he didn't come up in the animals lesson.


That name is a pun on Poll na bPéist ('The Worm Hole' or 'The Hole of Sea Monsters'), a natural pool on Inishmore (Inis Mór). I'm guessing many people here already know that.


Paul is famous! :)


Yes, he will. I was given a lot of sentences with him in it already :)


Oh you have no idea, Pól agus Máire were the foundation of our Primary School Irish education :P


In Wales, we had Sali Mali a Jac y Joc. We also had the English Peter and Jane.


Maybe that's the name of the owl?


Yes. Duo's name is Paul. ...For some reason, I don't think that's the case.


The owl's name is Duo


Pretty strange to be named ''Two'' in Latin (although, makes sense, considering the app's name...). XD


The reason I keep continuing with the lesson is not so much my burning desire to learn this language, but because I'm DYING to know who this Paul is.


Preevurzly on It Never Ends. Paul went to get something out of the fridge. Find out what it was now in our exciting conclusion!


And we are now introduced to the main character. Now, instead of being all geeky and saying, Yes I spend my Friday nights on duolingo, I can say, I am meeting with Paul. He teaches me how to speak Irish, much more impressive:)

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    Waiting for sentences like "Is Pól úll" ;D


    "Paul is an apple" :)


    OOH, AH, Pól Mac Craith


    I have a relative with this name; he and his family used to sing things like this all the time and make up rhymes. Thanks for the random memory! Have a lingot


    Song URL please, we don't know them!


    Paul ...why is his specific name imporant here?


    Because when other declensions are being taught, a Gaelicised name is necessary.


    I didn't think a name of a person should be translated.


    It's going to probably be used so that other declensions can be easily taught.


    Anyone care to enlighten me on what the genitive case is? I know nothing about this language.


    It's a form of the noun that has a meaning like "of Paul" or "Paul's". Many languages have it, though English uses of and 's and French gets away with just de and its combined forms.


    's is actually the remnants of the English genitive where nouns would end in -es.


    It's a bit out of subject, but for people interested in compared grammars, there is no genitive in French, "de" is simply a particle meaning "of" or "from". "de la" for instance is not a combined form, it's only another article, like you would say "from the sea".


    Now i can finaly understand the irish


    Right!? I did the same here!


    It was pól but i thought it was pál with an "á" cause it means paul


    I think a lot of Irish Christian names are French-influenced because of the Catholic connection. For instance, Seán is based on the pronunciation of Jean rather than 'John'. I imagine Pól /pol/ is similarly based on Paul /pol/ rather than 'Paul' /pɔəl/ (accent-dependent).


    More likely the Norman connection.


    Did the Normans invade Ireland?


    Diarmuid Mac Murchadha, King of Leinster, got a Welsh Norman, Richard De Clare (Strongbow), to help him retain his kingdom. Strongbow arrived in 1169 with an army, married MacMurchadha's daughter Aoife, and the rest is history.

    There's a notable Norman French influence in Irish, with words like garsún (garçon), páiste (page, pronounced roughly pah-juh), seomra (chambre). A lot of Irish surnames are of Norman origin too, especially those with a Fitz- prefix in English, or "de" in Irish (Ward from De Bháird, Brown from De Bhrúin.)


    Ah, OK, thanks for that. Nice to have an idea where these things come from.


    History of forms probably tends to prove your theory may be wrong. Because "Jean" is a late form of "Jehan". "Sean" comes probably more from the late form (Jean), than from the older form (Jehan). A lot of centuries went between those 2 French forms. Because of the form, I would tend to think Sean is more from Jean than from Jehan, and those 2 names are not from the same historic time. To confirm, we would need to know when Sean was first used in Ireland. Maybe other lingustics mechanisms explain that, I don't know, but it's the more obvious.


    Where do you find the accents


    I don't know what operating system you're using but certainly in my version of Windows you can get the fada by holding down ctrl+alt and pressing the relevent vowel.


    Somehow all the computers in my university (in Wales) do circumflexes when I use alt gr. I assume it's because they use them for Welsh, but I can't find any way to change it. Do they get special Welsh computers or something? It makes it very difficult to type my name :/

    I found out the other day that to do fadas on a Mac, you hold the command key (or one of those keys, anyway) and press e, then release everything and press the vowel you want. Seems a bit needlessly long-winded to me.


    You have some sofware called "virtual keyboards" if you are on a pc. Google it.


    How do we add the fada/ accents to our keyboard?


    can I translate a name in different languages ? what I mean is , for examples my name is Gary Pierre ( French name ) so if I go to German or whatever countries should I translate my name in their languages or if not they will not understand my name . like Pól in Irish but French say Paul same in English . Please ideas !


    I like to translate my name when introducing to people who don't know my language. I tell her both, my original name, and the translation. It's funny. It's a matter of preference. Sometimes, it's easier to remember a foreign name when you know where it comes from, and that you use the same under another form in your own country. You can't translate any names through.

    I don't think Gary is tanslatable, according to behindthename.com, it's an English name. But this English name is from a Norman-French name, that is from Germano-celtic root (as a lot of French names), so this name already travelled a lot.


    Now think about me!

    My name isn't common in any language, including my birth one. It s just strange! When I introduce myself hardly the person easily understand. If it had another form would be cool to use together with the original like Perce told here to make easier to they remember.

    And my name even being strange in My natal idiom, it can be even more in some others like Spanish, or worst in French that i badly can talk without back to a normal speaking.

    If i didn't liked to see some confusion about it I would be in trouble! Lol


    I just downloaded this app and ir keeps telling me I have typos on accented words which I understand but there is no way to add the accents that I can find on my keyboard. Using a Galaxy 4.


    I think of you hold down on the letter, you will find all of the accents for Irish. (For example, hold down the o for a moment on your keyboard and a little box will pop up with œ, ő, ø, ö, õ, etc. You can just slide your finger over the one you want and let up when it's selected. Raising your finger before selecting a character will result in the pop up disappearing).

    If not- or if you need a different languange for another duo course- Go to: Apps> Settings> Language and Input> Samsung Keyboard

    You can then select the languages you want to download. They should automatically be checked in the list after you download them, but if not, make sure you check them.

    Then, when you need to switch between keyboards, you may hold down your spacebar and flip through them, OR if you have several, I think the S4 still has the little world icon where you can select your input keyboard there, too.

    Hope that helps!


    Download a good keyboard, it's very easy on a phone. With an android phone, you go on Google app store, you search for Irish keyboard, or multi-languages keyboards, and you download! So easy. My favorite one until now, to use with Duolingo is MULTILING, as you can download almost any language dictionary as the T9 that completes the words.


    do all names change in irish????


    Mine surely don't!


    Where did paul come from?


    The name? Is from the Latin Paulus, meaning, humble, small, with the meaning of modest.


    Wouldn't someones name remain the same though, regardless of language?

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