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  5. "He is and she is."

"He is and she is."

Translation:Tá sé agus tá sí.

August 25, 2014



Why can't the copula version be used here as is é agus is í?


I have no real knowledge of this, but my guess is that the copula requires a sentence like "she is a woman." In other words, saying that she is some particular thing. The tips and notes seem to suggest this, but I could be horribly wrong.


It's not a copula (= link) if it's not linking things together! Here, nothing is linked to either ‘he’ or to ‘she’, so neither ‘is’ is a copula. Even in English, this is not a copula; it's just that English uses ‘is’ for more than copulas, while Irish uses ‘is' for copulas only (and maybe also for other things that we haven't learnt about yet, I wouldn't know).


Is it just me or is tá pronounced like English "toe" but the o sound doesn't have a w sound at the end? Sort of like you cut the o sound off at the end


I know what you mean ! No, its tá which is pronouced 't-aw'


thanks! I think this is the hardest language I have studied as far as pronunciation


I agree. I'm always struggling haha

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