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  5. "Ik kook avondeten."

"Ik kook avondeten."

Translation:I cook dinner.

August 25, 2014



I just realized "avondeten" is a mixture of "avond (evening)" and "eten (food)". Evening food.


In my part of the States, supper means the evening meal, while dinner means the big meal of the day, which may or may not be the evening meal. Sunday Dinner, specifically, is usually earlier in the day.


In the Maritimes the similar thing is used, Supper for the last meal (dinner) dinner the the second meal (lunch).


Yes this is a good description of the differences http://blog.dictionary.com/supper-vs-dinner/


In my part, they are interchangeable but "dinner" is by far more common.


Should 'I cook tea' be accepted?


You might have to elaborate. In most parts of the world, tea is not appropriate synonym for dinner.


It's common in NZ, Australia, and (I think) Britain to refer to the evening meal as 'tea'. I just wanted to check if it was worth reporting before doing so.


I'm English, and I can confirm that 'tea' can be used for the evening meal.

Where I grew up (rough part of town) we said 'tea' for our evening meal. We thought only posh people said 'dinner'. :D


I'm australian and say tea ☺


Tea instead of dinner is also a British regional variation - it's commonly used in northern England and parts of Scotland, for example (and elsewhere). It is also usual to say dinner for the evening meal on a weekday and for the midday meal on Sunday. Supper is more likely to mean either an informal meal or a very late meal (e.g. after getting home from an event or entertainment).


I put " I cook an evening meal" do you think that should be accepted before I report a problem


then the sentence should be "ik kook een avondeten"


Why isn't it "Ik kook het avondeten?"


Because that would be “I cook the dinner”


'het avondeten' has been specified in other exercises - e.g. 'We drinken wijn bij het avondeten', meaning 'we drink wine with dinner'. Why should it need 'het' here and not for 'ik kook avondeten'?


I just want to say. When one presses the repeat butto , the gentlman speaks back in an annoyed voice. If he did not say it as fast as he usually foes, in the first place, one would not have to press ut so often. We are learners. Could you say it the first time a lityle slower please.


It's a computer it really isn't getting annoyed if you repeat the audio. Repeating doesn't change the audio it's the same each time. But I guess you mean the slowmo button.

He really isn't speaking fast at all. It just sounds that way because you are new to the language (most of the sentences are pretty slow already)


And i will check my typing next time too.


So, Duolingo says that my answer (I cook the dinner) is wrong, so, is it? I know the exercise is not "Ik kook het avondeten", but I still think my answer could be right.


There’s no the in the Dutch sentence, thus your translation is wrong, easy as that.


Is avondeten used for both English language words, dinner and supper? Or, like English do the Dutch have a separate word for supper?


Afaik in modern English supper and dinner are the same.

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