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Getting Started...

Danish wasn't even on my radar a few months back, but I like the differences from other languages that I have studied so far. It may be a little different from what I know, but I think it's going to be fun. Thanks, Team Danish!

August 25, 2014



Glad to hear that. Danish is not that awful, I promise. And I kinda like it actually :P


I trust your judgement. ;) I'm not letting anything I hear scare me off. :D


Good to hear! Immerse yourself with Danish, it's not that bad - we should know. xD


I notice a distinct lack of German in your flags :-) Honestly, if I hadn't chosen German first, I wouldn't be so interested in these languages as I am now (I also wouldn't be doing as well, either). When I got the notification of Irish I jumped right in and completed Basics 1. Now that I've tried Danish, I don't know which of the two I like more. They're both so different but feel so familiar. I'm particularly intrigued by the concept of verb conjugation not through the subject, but through time, voice and mood. Never heard of anything like that…

And of course both Team Irish and Team Danish deserve the greatest of congratulations and gratitude for working on these courses, which, in my opinion after a few lessons in each, are already shaping up to be just as awesome as Dutch is.


Lol, I wasn't even thinking about Danish yesterday, and now I want to learn it. It is just that it is so cool, and at the moment it is very easy.


I became interested in Danish after I became obsessed with Mads Mikkelsen (aka the Danish Life Ruiner, lol)....which was after I saw him on NBC Hannibal (he is amazing as Hannibal). I've since watched a number of his movies and tv shows (in Danish, some with subtitles, some without) and I'm hoping I'll get the chance to meet him next summer at Comic Con (would be neat if I could say something to him in Danish without messing it up, lol). Anyways, I digress...my husband and I have also contemplated moving overseas and Denmark is on the list of possibilities. So, this could come in handy. ;)


I just tried my first lesson in Danish. Slightly confused, but I love it so far :) Going to try Irish now!


Agreed, Danish is great! I'm using it so I can learn the other Scandinavian languages (I've been interested in Scandinavian culture since January, and I want to learn more about it). I know there are differences, but I'd still like to get into their courses and see how much I know!

This movie started it all

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