"Is maith liom beoir."

Translation:I like beer.

August 25, 2014

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Try as I might, I cannot work out how she is pronouncing "beoir". Be-owge? Weird sounding word.


It seems to me that she is pronouncing it in the Connacht dialect. This link gives 3 different pronunciations - Ulster and Munster seem pretty phonetic while Connacht as you say is hard to work out.



I'll be honest, it sounds to me like she's saying "build".


In beoir, the b and the r are both slender consonants because they are surrounded by e/i.

Slender consonants generally have y-glides whole broad consonants (those preceded and followed by a/o/u) have w-glides. My apologies if you’ve heard this before! I wish Duolingo had a course on Irish pronunciation. It seems like most learners are using this app to learn Gaeilge, and it would be nice if it were taught with emphasis on proper pronunciations of letters and letter groups. That said, at the end of the day, the point of a language is to send/receive verbal cues to convey what we mean.

I would advise you definitely research Gaeilge pronunciations—especially the Irish R, as it isn’t a sound made in English.

The “b” sounds like “by.” In fact, the entire word is pretty much like saying the word “your” with a “b” in front of it.

The Irish R can be heard in Connacht and Ulster regions; however, the English R tends to take priority in Munster and some parts of Ulster. I was brought up using the Irish R, and... to be honest, I have heard it spoken in a number of ways! Here is a link to a learning resource for the slender R in Irish.


I tap my “r” as I normally would; however, I blow air out at the end of the tap. Try to make a tap sound—not a trill. Your tongue almost ends up in the spot as it would if you were saying the English L. Place your tongue in that location and blow air. Hope all of this is helpful!


Would "Is maith liom" would for stating that I like other things? Like activities, objects, or ideas? Or is there something better suited for other subjects?


Yes, it would be used for liking other things also.


Would this literally mean something like Beer is most good with me?


Yes, except for maybe not including the comparative "most" part.


The expression for "I prefer beer" is rather "beer is best with me"

"Is fearr liom beoir"


How is "maith liom" pronounced. All i hear is malam. Is the ith of maith silent? Any good places to get pronunciation how to online?


Recordings of maith in the major dialects can be found here.


Being from Ulster, I say it like the English word “my,” followed by the h-sound. Everywhere else, “maith” is like “mah.”

If you’re following proper pronunciation rules, then the word “liom” should be pronounced like “lyum.” The “i” makes the “l” slender, and therefore the sound should be as “lli” in the word “million.” Focloir.ie and Teanglann.ie are highly recommended as well as the site and app known as “Forvo.”


This can help you get started with some basic phonetics. Very important to learn first. You will find letters like bh or mh sound more like v or w. Dh like g or possibly y. (I'm still learning as well.)

For maith liom, th together makes an h sound. The i is a glide vowel off the a. So maith sounds like MAH. As for liom, the o is the glide vowel and there is no accent on the i so it sounds more like eh than ee. So liom sounds like LIM. Together MAH LIM. Is maith liom's literal translation used in this context is "Is fine with me". https://www.standingstones.com/gaelpron.html#Cons


Is brea liom beoir

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