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  5. "Ella tiene un gato."

"Ella tiene un gato."

Translation:She has a cat.

May 23, 2013



I wish there was a way to slow down the audible example. It is difficult to catch the inflections when they speak too fast


I know! While I feel like I'm learning all this vocabulary, I still can't figure out what people are saying in real life because they talk so dang fast. I wonder if this is how ppl feel when they are trying to learn English?


Spanish is spoken a lot faster than english. Im swedish, and swedish is spoken even slower than English... Spanish for me is like driving a F1-car in the hallway. I have no idea how I ever will be able to understand spoken Spanish :) Also I find Spanish a bit sludderish with the vocals... Very unclear.... Well, some day.... :)


Don't worry your mind and brain will adapt to it just convince your brain that you are in need for Spanish by listening to it more than your native language.


But it will be hard if you can't have a Spanish conversation often


click on the turtle!! that is way slowed down!


Very true i always get elle and ella wrong


What is the difference between tengo and tiene?


tengo is (have) used with (i) = yo tengo or just tengo means, I have tiene is (has) used with (he she it) = ella tiene \El tiene means, she has he has


The man's pronunciation of "ella" is what I expected, like "el-yah", but the woman's pronunciation a few screens ago was more like "ejja" - what's correct? Or does it change based on the syllables that follow?


They're both right, just different dialects/pronunciations for different regions. I'm generalizing, but most countries in South America pronounce "ll" as a "j" sound. In Mexico, the "ll" is a "y" sound. So e-jah and e-yah are both right for pronouncing ella.


I am having a hard time determining the translation of ellos/ ellas. I cant figure out when to use he/she or they. Any hints?


Ellos and ellas both mean they depending on whether they are male or female

Él means he and ella means she

I hope this helped you


Ok basically a is for girls O is for guys So ello is guy Ella is girl But they can be both with an s at the end But ellos is most commonly used with they


Ellas refers to plural females. Ellos can refer to plural males OR a mixed group of male(s) and female(s). Ella is she. Él (not ello) is he.


What's the difference between tengo and tiene?


Same here stated/spelled properly & got it wrong.


Why is she saying "gatA"? Is that a common way to pronounce it? The male voice says "gatO"...


The voice is gata, why is gato corect?


I wrote down the spanish I heard, and it showed "Translation:"


Answered verbatim, still wrong...


Good answer but got a mistake as feedback, similar to some people here


I stated it 100% correct, I compared letter for letter, and it is correct. Still I got an error


That's what I typed in!


I had the same answer but you mark it wrong


I'm comparing my answer to what it should be and I don't see what I got wrong. I have a screenshot if you like.


It sounded like tienen to me... Anyone else?


Me to. Only,... would the cat be masculine?


What's the diff. between tienen and tienes?


Yo tengo (I have) Tú tienes (you have) Ella/ello tiene (she/he has) Ellas/ellos tienen (they have) Nosotros tenemos (we have)


From a written perspective this could be the American name Ella and it could be saying that she has a cat. From my perspective this is how my brain reads it initially because it makes sense in my life!


just because of a capital letter??


Some things i get a pass on typos, and other times i get it wrong for an even less signifigant typo. Im not confused, im annoyed that the goal posts change. I could complately mispell a word and get it right, or typo one letter and lose my health.


Why does she pronounce Ella like Ay-jah? She pronounces Hija almost identically. Other voices manage to make Ella sound like el-lah; why does she pronounce her l like a j?


the female voice in Duolingo is much harder to understand than the male. I always have to click the Turtle (which slows down what she says) to understand this mujer!


She clearly says gata not gato.


Sometimes my slight typos dont matter, other times I get it wromg, even when there is no other word that my typo could've been mistaken for. Wjatever


The translation is not clear.


My answer is exactly what you stated as the correct answer. Why did you mark me as incorrect


Spoke too fast and not clear


OK the "correct" answer on the question says "gata". My question is: is that because it's "HER" cat (thus feminine gatA), or because the freakin cat is female?


it never accepts my answer without giving attitude first


Ive been getting a few correct answers that were marked as incorrect


I had exactly the right answer but still got an error message for this one


Hi im 11 and lerning Espanol=Spanish


When will someone tell us that "un gato" is another word for a car jack? I found that to be an interesting development in one of the stories I read. Surprise!


Did anyone near gato?


I got it right yet it said i was wrong... dont get whats the problem i wrote it exactly as they wanted me to


i miss typed and lost a heart


I got this right twice. Letter for letter and it keeps marking it wrong


I put an s on tiene. Seems a bit mean to mark it wrong. Spelling is difficult for dyslexics.


I can't seem to get all of the questions all correct and have not been able to move forward , no progress. May have to cancel. If I'am paying, I want to move forward.


This is just the user forum, so we can be of limited assistance.

When Duo marks your sentence as incorrect, it shows you a correct answer.

You should compare your answer and figure out why it is wrong, and use this forum to get any help you need.

Duo only displays one possible correct answer but accepts many more. If you show us what answer you have given, we can help check if it is correct.

You could copy the Duo correct answer to submit it when the same question comes around again - this would help you move on, but won't necessarily help with your learning.

You really need to understand why your answer is incorrect and learn to provide a correct answer.


my lesson speaker said fiene and it says it was tiene but I did not sound right my friends agree and my brother

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