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Welcome learners to the long-awaited Irish course! We have put many hours into this course and we hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to get in touch with a member of Team Irish.


The audio used in this course is a real human. This means 2 things: 1) The audio is very clear and 2) Not all sentences have audio. But don't worry, each word is included in at least 1 recording, so you are guaranteed to learn the pronunciation.

Constructive Criticism and Reports

We welcome your constructive criticism, but remember, even though we're out of beta, the course still isn't perfect. You can tell us your thoughts in the discussion section or on our streams.

Remember to use the report button within the lesson to report any issues you have with a sentence or exercise. Reporting in the sentence discussion is a waste of your valuable time as we are not guaranteed to see it.

Important Information/Advice Regarding Ireland and Irish History

As many of you know, Ireland has a diverse and interesting history, which is also, well, difficult and "touchy". I bring this up because during the first few days of the course's release, I saw several comments from users asking an honest question met with criticism for not knowing or understanding. I know many Irish people (and people of Irish descent) are proud of our history and take offence when people make a mistake or ask a question. I think it is great to be proud of our history, but please remember that some users of the Irish course are being exposed to Ireland, its culture and its history for the first time. These people may not be fully aware of Ireland's political and social situation, but this is ok. Our Irish course will grow from just a language course to a full learning experience where everyone can learn and enjoy Ireland in all its beauty (through the power of Gaeilge). Remember that Duolingo is a language learning community and we are all here to learn, grow and have fun. Thank you for listening...or, well...reading while I got a bit serious for a moment. This is important and I want all users of the Irish course to have fun and be equal. This is an amazing chance for you to meet people from all over the world who have an interest in our beautiful language. So since that was a bit...serious....here is an amazing picture of the Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare :)

Tree 2.0

After over a year of our original course, we are now working on a major overhaul (dubbed "Tree 2.0"). This will be a great opportunity for us to add more content to the course and take all of your feedback from the original tree into account to make sure our course is as good as it can be. If you have any suggestions or ideas for the new tree version, please go to this thread and join in the discussion!

New Contributors

We are always looking for new contributors to work on the course with us. If you are fluent in English and Irish (or, at the very least, speak both languages to a good level), apply here. Look at this thread for more information about applying and contributing.


A big "Go raibh maith agaibh" to the whole Duo team for making this possible, especially our Incubator mentors mukkapazza, Ker and vivisaurus who helped us so much to get where we are today. Also, thank you to all the users who have been patient and are now using our course!

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August 25, 2014



This isn't a criticism - I understand this is in beta so I'm thinking that's the cause - but will there be a 'words' section to review flashcards like French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese have when it's released as stable?

I am having a very hard time with the vocabulary, so I was excited about the flashcards feature and then realized Irish didn't have them.

(I'd also like if the flashcards or words section could play the audio instead of having the definition alone, so I could practice how they sound. But that's more a general note about the flashcards, because I'd like to use that feature more before jumping into new lessons.)


It's not enough audio. Especially in the Family section there are MANY words that I'm not getting any audio for, not even once, and I can't figure out Irish pronunciation for myself yet.


I also would find flashcards (especially with audio) EXTREMELY helpful.


Me, too! I keep forgetting those words (or mixing up the lenition/eclipse-forms and/or the plurals), so that I need to revisit the previous lessons all the time before I can go on. I wish I could speak Irish so I could help them develop that extra content.


i am really hoping for a words section as well. It would help alot.


Yes, I too would love to know if there will be a "words" section in the future! I know this awesome course is still a work in progress, but I do hope that this feature comes along at some point :)


Alex, Lancet, Dubhais, Odoinn and Laura,

I was gonna say that your Duo mascot is just so cute...but he has a beard...so he seems mature... (;

Does he hand out lucky clovers... perhaps colored ones like these?

In any case, go raibh maith agaibh for giving us an Irish course, you guys!

Good luck with moderating and managing both the course and the forums.
I'm sure you'll do a great job!
Heck..you might not even need any luck... :)

Best wishes from me...
and team Dutch by extension! ^^


Thank you @Lavinae! Indeed he does give out those shamrocks, but he can only be found at the end of the Duolingo rainbow with a pot of golden skills.


Glad to see that a language that's not widely spoken anymore can be brought back through such a great service as Duolingo. Irish was a great choice. Keep up the good work, and thanks for putting all of this together for us! :)


Thank you all for the course ! I love the tips and notes you left so far.

I'm glad the Duo "Zero grammar rule" is fading away because your tips at the beginning of each lesson are so helpful !

I would never have tried to learn irish if it wasn't on Duo because i wouldn't have thought of it ! So thank you again Irish team :)


I agree with you--if not for Duolingo, I would have never even dreamed of learning Irish (or Dutch, or Portuguese, or French :D)

A huuuge thank you to the Irish team for this course! (In addition, their grammar tips & notes are helpful beyond belief.) I'm looking forward to working through the tree! :)


I also find the tips and notes are very clear and helpful so far.


First of all, I want to say I am loving the Irish course. I live with two teenage boys who go to school in Irish, so I get lots of help, but I'm an Aussie so I didn't go to school in Ireland: therefore missing out on learning the language of my ancestors as a kid! So, it's terrific, and I'm applying all the skills and bits and pieces I've picked up from 8+ years of helping with homework, and enjoying every minute.

I'm a language teacher myself, and I've recently been doing a bit of research into gamification. And I have one suggestion. Although I understand completely, from the linguistic perspective, why it is imperative to have learners go back over words that they have already learnt, in order to reinforce that learning, from a game-play perspective, I find it frustrating when I click on "Home" and I see a whole bunch of icons I have to go back to, in order to do that reinforcing. There is a commonly held belief among game designers that once you've earnt a badge, that's it, it's yours, and no-one should be able to take it away from you.

So I wonder if, instead of having to go backwards, so as to go back over words/phrases/grammar that's been already learnt, could it also work to have some kind of merged challenge: i.e. I log on today, and I can't progress any further until I've done my "Keep Up" challenge. Let's say, a personalised set of questions that arise out of the mistakes that I've made in my progress so far? When I was doing the French track, I got a bit frustrated when Duo asked me to go right back to Basics 1 to "keep the words from fading in my memory".. I've been speaking French for 30+ years. I won't forget "bonjour" in a hurry :)

I hope this comes across as constructive rather than critical. I really enjoy Duolingo. I recommend it to students, and parents, as an excellent accompaniment to "formal" study, and personally, I've really come on with the Irish track. My sons love challenging me to see who can out-perform whom in the levels. I'd just love it if my suggestion could perhaps make the system even better :)

Keep up the great work. Ger.


This really isn't anything within the powers of Incubator contributors , but I think it's interesting so I will pass it on to those who may be able to give you better feedback. Thanks :)


Thank-you very much for this course ! My mom was a native Irish speaker from the Donegal Gealtacht, so at the age of 61, I thought it was about time that I began to learn this beautiful language !


Awesome that your mother was an Irish speaker from Dunegal. (I know I spelled that wrong.) I'm heading over this June to Glencolmcille for a week long immersion course. I wish I could go longer, but I'm hoping to make it annual event. Next year I am planning to go out for three weeks. Saving all my holidays for that.

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