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True Story: I almost wet my pants when I saw Irish had come out.

I was hunkering down for another boring day of homework and I was about to start working when I saw the notification on my phone. I had no idea I would react the way I did but I screamed and waved my arms around. I am so excited to get to learn this wonderful language and just in time for my trip to Ireland in February. All of this to say: Go raibh maith agat to team Irish and team Duo for all of your effort into what I know will be a wonderful course to complete.

August 25, 2014



Mise freisín! Yup that's what Irish does, ancient Gaelic power mo chara :) That's why the celts often went into battle naked!


Same here! I was out with truths for lunch and they thought I was having a weird seizure. I am ecstatic!

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