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Is there a way to see the words i've learned?

Title explains it, I think. I know there used to be a section with words I learned in every lesson, and I hear (see) people talking about a Words tab and flashcards but i don't have anything... I want to see the words I have seen in lessons so I can review...

August 25, 2014


[deactivated user]

    The Words tab is currently in A/B testing. If you don't have the Words tab, you're in the control group and (unfortunately) don't have any way to see your words.

    [deactivated user]

      Will it ever be available to everyone?

      [deactivated user]

        I don't know...they haven't announced a release date. If they're happy with the feature, they'll implement it, otherwise they'll just get rid of it for everyone.

        [deactivated user]

          Ah. Well, I hope so, because while I do have it, I know someone who doesn't, and would probably benefit from it.

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