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Irish crashing Iphone App

I set my language to Irish earlier to try it out, and when I went into the app on my Iphone, the app just crashed. No matter what i did, every time I logged in the app crashed within a few seconds. I had to go in through my desktop and switch my language to something else in order for the app to work.

August 25, 2014



Usually, for a language that's not yet supported by iOS, it will say something like (these are not the exact words):

The language you are learning, [Dutch (Netherlands), Irish, or Danish] from English is not yet fully supported on iOS. In the meantime, try out our other courses.

And below it would show a list of the available courses supported on iOS.

I think your app crashed because it was not yet supported to say the message?


Is it available on Android?


The message, I'm not sure (I spend more time on iOS than on Android [Kindle for me]). The courses, definitely no for sure.


Yeah I've seen that with Dutch. That's why I was so surprised when it just kept crashing with Irish. Figured I would at least be given the option to switch languages. I think it's just a bug.


That explains it:-) I couldn't work out why it was still crashing even after I'd updated it!


Exact same bug and same solution for me. IPhone 4s ios 7.1.1. Hard reboot and reinstalling app didn't fix it, changing language away from Irish in Safari did


Thanks for posting this. The identical thing just happened to me. I had to switch my laptop to Spanish in order for my iPhone app to work.


Okay, I'm glad I came searching around here. I was trying to work on Irish on my ipad and was having issues as well. Glad to know it's to come though.


Okay, same problem, same fix, although I'm a little disappointed. I don't use the phone app much but I wanted to set a goal with it in Irish, which I can't find a way to do on the website.


The app doesn't support Irish.


Yet. Soon™ it will though.

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